Night Riding

Thanks to the unseasonable warmth that Calgary has been experiencing recently, I’ve been able to get out riding  a lot more. Despite the spring temperatures, we’re still living in a winter solar cycle, so it gets dark a lot earlier than it gets cold. As nice as it is to see so many people out enjoying the trails, there are a few things that drive me absolutely up the wall when it comes to night cycling.

1. Get an appropriate front light. Your 100 lumen headlamp set on strobe mode isn’t doing anyone any favors. Not only have you blinded oncoming traffic, you’re destroying your own night vision.I should be able to see you from a reasonable distance, but I don’t need to be able to see you from Mars.

2. Red Blinky goes on the back. Once again with the ultrabright rear blinky. Not necessary, and almost more of a hazard than a help. Think of it like a car. White light up front, red light in the rear.

3.Get a bell and use it. Not only are you legally required to have a noise maker of some variety, it decreases your chances of some surprised biker or pedestrian swerving into you.

4.  Stay on the right hand side. This goes for pedestrians as well. Treat the trail like a road. Stay on your own side.

5. Dogs. Keep them on a leash! walk them on the outside of the trail. Put yourself between your dog and people trying to pass. I get that you have the right to walk your dog or whatever, but for god’s sake don’t compromise everyone else’s safety for it.

It’s not difficult to get along and share the trail as long as we don’t ride like idiots. Lets stay safe and stay happy.


2011 Ski supplement

After too many late nights and hours spend organizing and editing, The 2011 Gauntlet ski supplement is out (ok, it was out a couple weeks ago…i’m a little behind)I helped edit last year’s supplement, and I picked it up again this year.

Despite the amount of work, it’s a lot of fun, with the added bonus of copping some free ski days. I got out to fernie on comped tickets this year.

Ski Supp is one of teh few opportunities I get to use really big photos, so my inner photo nerd really enjoys making the photos the focus of the page. Words are great, but when it comes right down to it, I’m a pictures sort of person. Even though I was given most of the colour pages in the paper, I still had an unfortunate amount of Black and white. Nevertheless, I think it looks pretty good.

I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. It would have been nice to get a few more pages of content, but when you have to rely on volunteers, I’ll take what I can get. The supp pdf can be found here. Enjoy! A lot of people put a lot of time and effort into this.

Back on the Wall

It’s nice to be back in classes if only for the easy access to climbing. I slacked off pretty serious over the Christmas break climbing-wise, so it’s been a bit of a pain fest getting back into it. I went to the gym once, which was a bit of a flail-fest. It’s been ages since I’ve done anything except boulder, and it’s taken a very serious toll on my endurance. I’m hoping to get on the proper wall on a more regular basis over winter semester. My plans for the summer don’t allow for a lack of endurance.  The Bouldering wall at the Uni has  started to gather a good sized crowd. It’s nice to see so many people enjoying the wall, it’s a great resource to have from a training standpoint, and it’s a good social environment to meet climbing partners.

One of the courses I’m taking this semester is a training theory class with an emphasis on resistance training. I think it will be a good resource for my training. I have some big plans, and I wan tot make sure that I’ll be in good enough shape come summer that I can pull them off.

I’m hoping head out the bugaboos this summer and get up some of the classic trad routes in the area. I have a potential job opportunity in the Invermere area, and one of my friends/climbing partners also works out there in the summer. If things go my way, it’ll be a summer of serious rock.

Citrus Spiced Chai

A lovely, delicious spiced chai that will make your tummy warm and your kitchen smell delicious.

~fill a medium sized pot half full of water.

~ boil water and add 3 bags of black tea.

~ reduce heat but keep water and tea bags boiling for several minutes.

~ add spices. I used allspice, masala blend, whole cloves and a cinnamon stick. around half a teaspoon of each loose spice and cloves.   (more if you like a spicy chai)

~boil tea mixture for another few minutes, add orange and lemon zest.

~ boil for a few more minutes, strain tea, or pour into a french press.(the french press filter is fine enough to get out most of the spices.

Depending on how long the mixture is boiled, it can get pretty strong.  if it’s too strong for your taste, add some boiling water or hot milk.

mmmmmm… delish