I was the one covered in mud.

Hon. Jim Prentice, Minister for the Environment

I shot the announcement for funding of the Hotchkiss Brain Institute today for the Gauntlet. It was the first time I have even gone to an event as “media” which was really interesting. I had the chance to tour some of the labs that the Hotchkiss Institute is home to.  There was one project involving computer chips and brain cells. All I could think about was cyborgs.  The Doctor is charge was saying that they can use the microchips to help control pain and addictions. Maybe I’ve read too much dystopian fiction, but there was a lot about that  which seemed like it could potentially have negative consequences.

What I found really neat was that there were a few photogs from professional papers in attendance, one in particular (I believe from the Calgary Herald) was interesting to watch while he was working. You could tell that he’d been in the business for quite some time, and had no problems bossing  the subjects of his photos around, be they a lab assistant, or Higher ranking Ministers. I enjoyed the flickers of annoyance that crossed the environment minister’s face when this guy was telling him what to do.

I did feel a little out-of-place however, being the “young kid” in a crowd of dignitaries and seasoned media folk. I hit a mud puddle by accident with my bike on the way there, so I showed up all covered in mud and a little out of sorts. Not to mention that I was the only one not wearing a sport coat (read Threadless tee and Chuck Taylors). Nonetheless, it was a really neat experience. It’s a lot different from most of the assignments that I normally cover, hopefully I’ll have a chance to do things like this more often.