Photo 365

After watching as several friends attempted a photo 365 project, I’ve decided to start one of my own. I think it’s a good way to celebrate the purchase of my first DSLR and my new job as the Photo Editor.

One photo everyday for a year. Today was day two in my year of photography.

Check it out at:



Pepsi Bath

I spent most of the weekend in the office shooting pics for the spoof supplement and processing photos. Took some fun shots, most of which involved people doing ridiculous things…like exploding pepsi all over themselves.

Kudos to Noah for torturing himself.  It was nowhere near warm out.


James Nachtwey

photo by James Nachtwey

A while back I had the chance to watch War Photographer, a documentary about world-renowned photographer, James Nachtwey.  To anyone that has the faintest inclination of photography, of world vision, or of general humanity, I urge you to watch the film. As someone who fancies themselves a photographer, it puts you in your place.  There is a whole world out there that someone such as myself, growing up in suburban North America cannot even begin to understand.

We take so much for granted and to see through the lens of a master, the senseless human suffering that is happening just out of our view, is mind-blowing. There is a lot going on in the world that we can hardly imagine.  It’s something that we all need to realize before it can be fixed. This is not to say that we should all go into war zones and see it with our own eyes, but rather than shutting off the news and ignoring that problems of the world people need to focus on what is wrong with the way we are running the world.  Seriously, this is not un-fixable, but we all have to be willing to work for it.

Nachtwey is a self-described anti-war photographer, although when it comes right down to it, I cannot see how anyone can be pro-war on a human level.  There’s a great deal of political pro-war bullshit, but when it comes right down to the individuals, I don’t believe that there is a person on this earth that can look into the face of war and say that it is a good thing.

I have an infinite amount of respect for this man.


Drinking, Jobs and camera parts

I’m officially the Photo editor for the 2010/11 publishing year of The Gauntlet.  I am so stoked for this next year, the whole Ed board is wonderful, and despite our relative inexperience in the editing world I know that we’re all going to do a great job. I’ve been picking up bits and bobs for my new camera set up.  Everytime I go down to the camera store, I end up leaving with way too much stuff and way too little money.

So: the set up thus far is…

Canon 40
Tamron 17-50mm f2.8
Canon 50mm f1.8
Canon 28-135 1:3.5-5.6
Canon Speedlight 430EX II

And I have a Canon 70-200 coming from my father. I think it’s an f2.8 but I’m not entirely sure.

Of course this is just the beginning of a very expensive road I find myself on. I enjoy it.

So we had the big tier two hiring shindig yesterday night which lasted into the wee hours of the sunrise… just in time for the long weekend.

Love you all,